Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hopa Spineorexosurus

My named dinosaurus is a Spineorexosurus my dinosaurus has a big fin. My dinosaurs is an omnivor. It could swim nearly as fast as  a Velociraptor.

It had sharp teeth with sharp claws and it’s teeth is as big as a banana.Its front legs are 3 and in the back it has 4 legs. My one has a medium  face and it has a watery tail.

My one lived in jurassic period  it could catch the prey by going under water and moving.
But if they see the fin it runs away and it swims out of the water and chases it.

My one was on the land and sea it lays eggs on the land where none would steal it. So it looks after it and keeps it warm my one lived in the forest . Were there a heaps of trees and vines my.
The Spineorexosuruses baby is cute but the dad and mum looks after it’s baby. It goose guards the baby so it doesn't get hurt it would be safe near the nest.

The Spineorexosurus 1.9 meters long it was as tall medium dinosaurus it runs like not that fast but swims as fast as a t-rex.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hopa manaiakalani

On wednesday the whole Pt England School  and the manaiakalani schools went to sylvia park on a bus. We had 5 or 6 buses come and and when we went we were all excited. Me and Jaylim were singing maori songs the first song we sang was Te Atua.

When we got there we were lined up the girls were first  and we were second when we got there we were excited.  To watch the films the boys were loud and i was sitting next to Ayman and Emmanuel. Amelia and Chastyti were speaking to 3000 people and when we were done when we were on the bus me and Ayman was asleep. When we woke up, we were there.

And my favorite was Manaikalani Man because the man tackled him down and it was funny and scary but when he scored the try he died and game over. My next favourite movie is kung fu fighting  because they kick hard and i want to and my last one's Talk About It because all the feelings made me sad.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

hopa dinosaur

Hopa Ankylosaurus

A Ankylosaurus is a dinosaur it has  amour  and his whole body even his eye. It lived around 65 million years ago in the late cretaceous he wasn't even scared of the T-Rex. It was the strongest on the cretaceous period. It was called stiff lizard

Paragraph 1
The Ankylosaurus has spikes on his back it has a club on his tail. It was 4 tones and 8.9 feet long it is bigger as a bus.  It is 8.5 long it has no teeth there spikes are judging  

Paragraph 2
The Ankylosaurus protects itself from banging it’s tail and  was hard to kill. when somebody hits them they well die. The spikes on his back and his armor well keep him safe

Friday, 30 October 2015

Hopa stegosaurus facts

stegosaurus facts

a stegosaurus are 26 to 30 feet long
it lived in the late Jurassic period 145 millions years ago
it’s 6800 pounds
it has 17 pleats on there back
it’s 9 feet tall
stegosaurus means covered lizard
a stegosaurus have to brains
a stegosaurus has spikes to scary of the T-Rex
the legs are 3 meters long
the front toes have 5 toes
and the back toes have
a stegosaurus is a herbivore  

Thursday, 29 October 2015

hopa non stop cricket

On thursday class 11 and 12 went to non stop cricket. Mr Moran and some of class 11 and 12 were setting it up. For class 11 and 12 and when we got out of class it was freeze and some people were warm and some people were warm and first up was class and then it was us i baited it as.

Strong as i can and i was feeling so hot and when the. Sneakiest he is a boy and was the tallest in the whole class but we'd all had fun when i was a fielder and i got the ball and got back to ayman’s team and i only went for there team and when we were.

the batting people and class 11 was the fildier i was we all hit the ball furiously and some people sprinting like up and down and i got 39  points for class 12 and we nearly won but class 11 won we lost we lost maybe from 10 or 11.

and we went back we got 1 turn that’s all i shouted to a person that a ball was in front of you and he got the ball fast as and then we got our turn when we were done nobody else was going to have a turn.


On Wednesday we had athletics. There was a hopper challenge, a throwing game,an obstacle challenge and a basketball challenge.  Class 12 did 3 rotations. We did  the hopper challenge the obstacle challenge and the throwing challenge. My team lost on 2 games. That was all we sucked at games. 

For the hopper challenge I bounced with excitement. We were all excited that we were doing athletics. So we did the obstacle and people were cheating because we were going under the first hurdle  but people jumped over it and so people didn't even do the hula hoop one because we had to skip. That's why we got more energy. Some people just fitted under but other people just lifted it up instead of going under it.

For the throwing challenge the the gumboot was first. Then it was the sock-ball. I threw the sock-ball over the first cone. Deniro  threw it and then it went over both of the cones. It went far. Class 11 was allowed to pick any but we only did the the sock.  The gumboot was as heavy as the sock. But the sock was harder to throw.

The thing that swapped us was the bell that Miss 'Queen' had. 

When the athletics rotation was finished we had 2 lines and we were walking to class with our hands behind our back. We had a drink when we got there. I was excited playing these games because it was not what we normally do in the morning.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hopa the return of the evil king

Once upon a time there was brave kids name was Ayman and Hopa. We went to the city of Egypt and our king is Kurtas and the queen Ayla then me and ayman are 16 and there was a evil guy named Herobrine he has got a evil layer and skeletons and zombies. And his pet

is a spider. And herobrine used to be our brother but when he saw the cave he turned evil and. King Kurtas was scried and queen Ayla was scried was be and ayman said to the king that we want to defeat the evil king and king Kurtas said yes and so the adventures begin and so we got

swords and a pet dog named gizmo he was 15 years old and he was a magical dog. He had powers and he is a guard the dog came with us and we didn’t forget our bow so we went to the cave where herobrine is and when we got there. We saw a button on the cave.

When we got there we pushed the button and we fell down.

To be continued

hopa's ginger bread man

cross country

On monday pt england school had cross country.At the starting line i felt good and little bit nervous. And when i heard the snap noise i felt like everyone would beat me but i didn’t come last someone did come last.

After lunch time they whole school went back to their class. Went to there class and went to the court and sat down on to the court. With the whole pt england school and the year 1 to 6 have to do 1 lap and the year 7 and 8 have to do 2 laps.

And my sister Atawhai was in class 17 and my sister  was in class 14 my oldest sister Puawai was in class 4 and my brother toma is in class 3 my but he ain’t a bigger class than my sister but my brother toma he was running and i think came 5th.

And my sister came 6th can my younger sister i don’t know what she came and my natthew josh i think he came 5th or 4th but i came 8th out of my whole class but then at the finish line i was sprinting because justice was catching up to me but i just beat him and kurtas came first he comes first on every game even cross country.

After the race the whole pt england school went to class to get picked up. And at the cross country my heart was pounding hard and i was gasping of breath and at the finish line we sprint because i was nervous because i was going to come last but then i jumped the cone and i nearly hit the cone

when i jumped the cone i came 5th when i jumped it and when the year 4 boys were running and i was steadying jogging until. Justice was nearly going to beat me

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Fireman david talk

Fireman David
On Friday fireman David came to teach us about firemen.  He taught us about what he does and where he goes. Fireman David saves people and protects people from fire and in a car crash. Fireman David did tests and he had to get a pass. He still practices with other firefighter. They have a captain too. Fireman David explained to us that their captain helps the firefighter with what is going on and the captain finds people not in the house but outside next to the house and if none is there the captain leaves.

How to become a firefighter
This is how you become a firefighter. First you have to pass a test and then pass physical test and they get test because that is how you become a firefighter and they test how clever you are if you aren’t you don’t know where you're going and you have to be fit so you could run in the house if someone's in there.And they test your strength, and how strong you are, if you are not strong you won’t be able to lift it up and somebody's stuck and that’s you have to be strong to save people.

 What did Fireman David teach us?
FIreman David taught us that he runs up the stairs up and down and Fireman david said an. Dark tunnel  and you have to feel your way out if you get your way out you get and you get the job he said that he has two family and firefighters and his normal family and he said that he has got a fire truck filled with tools and the firefighter truck was with a rope and that is what firefighter david told us he told us about his whole things that he teached us about being a firefighter.

What does a firefighter wear
A firefighter wears a bunker suit and a fireproof suit and fire proof pants firefighters wear. Gloves they wear a cover on there helmet so if something is coming towards you you put the cover down and it bounced off the stuff that come to you right in your face and a helmet for safety. And they got a oxygen tank so when gas spreads out and you would die and that's why you need a oxygen tank


Friday, 4 September 2015

hopa's job in the future

what does a firefighter do? brain storm
save people
extinguish fire
keep fit
challenge fires
team work

If I had a job I would chose a firefighter because I save people and I would feel so special saving people. I would work in a firefighter’s station. Firefighters work hard so when somebody calls they go fast. All the people in trouble have to do is call  111 and the firefighters will be there safely. When the firefighter’s get to a house on fire they extinguish the fire.

The firefighters keep fit because they would have to look out for stuff that falls down and run fast. They train hard to do the mission and the next day there would be training again and they stop if it is lunch time. Which means they have a break and they eat their lunch because they would be hungry so. Hungry the firefighters have a challenging job  

Firefighter’s wear a fire proof suit and Firefighters train in their suits. They have got a helmet so when something falls down they wear it and their head protected.  There is a shield on there helmet that is to cover their face so when something comes to there face they put it down just to cover their eye’s. Firefighters wear something around there neck to cover it. Firefighters also wear an oxygen tank on their back so they don’t breath the smoke in their mouth.

Friday, 7 August 2015

firefighter hopa


Being a firefighter is hard to do and they train hard so there body can be fit.  If there is an fire  get the hose as fast they can extinguish the fire so no one gets injured and be safe.

What does their work firefighters involved  
Firefighters work is  varied because they do lots of different things. They attend accidents and they save people like if they are in a car crash  or a house on fire. The firefighters need the hoses. They have got hooks so if they fall down they might not do the job properly or save the people in the house

What does a firefighter wear?
Firefighters have to wear protective gear. Firefighters wear a mask and wear an oxygen tank just to be safe. If gas spreads out you have got a mask on so you can still breathe.  They have  a bunker suit and safe boots and they wear protective pants too.

How do you become a firefighter
To become a firefighter they have to do fitness and do literacy and numeracy tests. They also do  logical thinking tests and they get  interviewed for long. Then they have to train to become a firefighter.

Firefighter characteristics

As a  firefighter you need teamwork to help people that are in trouble .That's why you need to be a team player you have to do everything and never give up and be fire smart, strong and brave just to be a firefighter. If you're confident you are brave because if you are scared you won’t save the world that's why you be brave and educated means that in your mind.  You need to be strong because if you can’t lift up stuff you can’t lift up a roof because their feet will be stuck and fire will come fast to you.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Hopa holiday

In the holidays I went to a holiday program for 4  days. We had breakfast fitness and had swimming it was a Maori program. we had fun there  and had an Aunt Named Aunt Sandra and a papa named Papa Chris. The 3 people from my family were me Puwai and Toma. We had lots of fun.

I made all the boys a friend and a baby called Tiaki. We went there because we learnt haka, moteatea and poi and for practicing on the stage. When we go on the stage we will be so  good. We went on Tuesday. On the last day we did a  dance. The holiday programme was called Kaitaia. We went on the bus to the swimming pool every day.

My second faviurite thing was when we went swimming because we had a  race and had a swimming break and then the big kids had a challenge. It was so fun there and I'm going back there again. It will be exciting coming back to the program.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hopa term two writing sample

On Friday there was a big bounce castle on the file and the whole pt england school expect the year 8 7 6. The Youth pride bring the. Bounce castle because the holiday program class 11 and 12 was amazed with it the blue And with heaps of colors the bouncy castle was like Amazing but it took forever just to get there The line was big and when we got here me and. Ayman was first me and Ayman was talking and We were like lets leaped off and and after that ayman was like Lets do the karate chop and we didn't do it ayman. Just.Just sild down and i went up and slid down so class 11 and 12 was allowed to have a another turn and ayman.Jumped it was funny and i did the same thing Too but i jumped even higher and rebounded we went off to our. Class it was amazed with the bounce castle And work and wrote matariki the 7 sisters we had to finish it when we got there we all was happy.And i finish my matariki work.

Friday, 26 June 2015


What Is Matariki?

On matariki day it is an important event for nz and for  matariki and.Important for a maori new year we Celebrate matariki with the 7 sisters.The moon is a new moon for matariki

One Story of the Origins of Matariki

is the God of the wind he threw his eyes up and Rangui the god of the sky.And the father saw Tawhirimatea threw his eyes up and there are the.7 sisters papatuanuku is the earth mother
She was looking and tawhirimatea was mad.And looked at ranginui the sky father he was mad at Ranginui

How To See Matariki

.On a afternoon late june there will be a sun.Rising down at the northeast horizon on Half an hour before dawn

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations

.On the end of the harvest the fish migration and preparation for year Ahead matariki is a time for remembrance
Maori New Year -
traditional celebrations
On matariki we have a celebrations and have feasts and a big hangin and They sing songs and  dance with they have visitors they come and have the fun to

Maori New Year - today
there will be flying kites and hot Air balloons flying.Up the sky and it will be fun.For matariki maori new year

Friday, 19 June 2015

my bighday

On my birthday we go to swimarama it is so cool that my brother goes on the big pools.In it there are cold water but i konw how to siwm so i went i.Another and it was warm so warm that i can swim under so warm.

The lighthouse

On an dull starless night there was a old stone lighthouse on a treacherous headland it was
rotating on the.Water and the sky and under the lighthouse is a village on the lighthouse is a beacon  the people were celebrating in a They cheered they had a big party
and in the lighthouse is the lighthouse keeper he was a solitary man so the lighthouse keeper  had a candle.Next to him he slammed the window hard then he heard an unusual clacking and the beacon.Stopped everybody stopped celebrating they were worried and the window.Opened aging it was so dark
so the old man stopped working and went off the chair.And dropped down cause the tools he went back up and got a candle and the old man got his tools.And went up on the stairs and tried
to fix the big light and it didn't work so he put his hand in the big lighthouse.And it didn't heat up
the boat was coming the old man gasped the old man was sacred.So he tried to lift up the baecon and it fell down the boat wisted loud and he was upset so the. old man went down His stairs and opened up the door and gasped aging he saw people with flood of light so.They went up the stairs and the old man was very happy that the people.Were happy and the boat went back to the village.  

Friday, 5 June 2015

My moms birthday.

my mom is 41 and i am giving lollies and when it's nigh we are having a cake were are having a calibration when school finishes were are going.To sing happy birthday were are having a chocolate cake it will be medime litte or big. But it will be yum but my mom won't see what we.

my mom is 41 and i am giving lollies and when it's nigh we are having a cake were are having a calibration when school finishes were are going.To sing happy birthday were are having a chocolate cake it will be medime litte or big. But it will be yum but my mom won't see what we.have fun.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

the switch

A solitary boy was strolling along, the boy licked his fingers to clean his tie. Suddenly a box hit him in the head, he was mad. Angrily he kicked the box.

All around him, he saw boxes. Then he noticed an unusual box.He tried to push it but it wouldn't budge. The boy climbed up a tower of boxes, big and small boxes.

The boy tried to do a belly flop onto the unusual box, but he missed! When he was laying on the ground, he saw a button underneath the unusual box, it was red. When he pushed the button, it spun rapidly when the box

stopped  it sucked the tie the management pulled him in he got really stuck that he went in the unusual box he. Got his hand out it went back in he stayed in
there unit the unusual box spat him out he spun rapidly and fell on the.

Ground he stood there in a box of ties then the tie dissipated and looked like a box.

Friday, 29 May 2015


On a cloudy starless night a small little lonely boy was sitting on a log by himself next to the fire to warm up. The young boy, Jimmy,  was toasting marshmallows by the lake.

A monster snuck up to the young boy. Hearing a stomp Jimmy turned around. He saw 2 glowing eyes and sharp teeth with terrifying feet.

Very frightened Jimmy got out the stick with the marshmallow and he tried to defend himself
with it. Suddenly the monster transformed into a happy slimy monster. Jimmy fed him the marshmallow and he felt very happy. When he got out the other marshmallow he was like a dog doing dog tricks. He rolled over he jumped and with his tail he was balancing. 

Then there was only one marshmallow left. The monster he was so sad that when he was close to the marshmallow he snatched it off Jimmy.

The monster showed its teeth and did a big smile when there was the last marshmallow left when the monster ate the last marshmallow left he changed into a mad monster. He ran as fast as he could then he tumbled down. The monster saw a big pillow and he was in pillow heaven. The little boy ran as fast as he could and the monster put the pillow on the stick and put it on the fire and it turned into a fire of ashes.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Dawn Parade

The sky was pitch black with thousands of people coming to the dawn parade. People stood silently with respect. There was a whole circle of people when the bugle played the last post for the soldiers who sacrifice their self for New Zealand

immersion Assembly

Today Pt England School had an immersion assembly. As soon as class 11 and 12 went into the hall, 2 or 3 Pt Englanders were helping 3 teachers make pikelets with marshmallows on top of all of them. Suddenly Mr Burt said to us that it is term 2 and  we are learning about tinkering tools and toys, which is technology.

My favourite of the immersion assembly items was Mr Barks hovercraft. Someone had to hop on it so it could move so Mr Barks got Mrs Somerville. Mr Barks got out the leaf blower and attached it to the hovercraft. It went gliding on the ground across the stage.
The best part of Mr Barks' object was when Mr Somerville went on the hovercraft. He went on the ground and was zooming.

I felt very happy about our topic this term. I can't wait to start inventing.


Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My Picnic

On a foggy day Point England school went to Point England beach so we could have the entire school to go to the picnic. We had parents help us, it was fun.

My  favourite thing was when the year 5, 6 , 7 and 8 went in the water. Some of them went on a rock and made  big splashes when they bombed off the rock into the deep water.

My other favourite thing was when Ayman and I went to the beach and were building a big sandcastle. The sandcastle was gigantic and it had a small village. The second thing we did on our sandcastle was making a deep volcano

Thursday, 26 March 2015

the waka

On wednesday morning we all had to arrive at 7.00or 8.00 cos when we come. On 8.30 the bell well ring but the second bell ringings at 8.40 so when the 12. Manaiakalani was coming .

The waka went 1400.0 miles over the pacific ocean when the. Waka came we all had sit down quietly when we all had to stand up we had to sing E hoa and nag waka and the last one is he horae we the waka was big and we all got to hug them we all had to handshake when the waka was made out of there there only hands the pacific ocean had dolphins around the boat .

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

harakeke winting

miss TIIO was takaing us to a dark forest it had spookey trees  then we all saw the beaeafiul sun and then we saw the flax we were challenging and learnining all about falx the down of the falx is shinny and the up top is not that shinny but its has yellow then three tricky part its when you have to put the flax on your ear had to put  the flax in our ear on monday then we went to class before we went to class we said an enu and then we went back to the dark forest and the dark trees and then we were back to class.