Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Walt: make connections with what we already know with what we read.
I have chosen a slalom k1 with 5 stars and 2 fists and 2 blue stripes and one orange in the middle. It has a very good design. I believe that this kayak would be liked by teachers who want to get into kayaking. This paint job is simple and very good looking.

task description: we are designing our own kayak and why they should learn how to kayak.

Friday, 2 June 2017

my waka

task description: we are learning about waka's and how they work and we learnt that they can be built by strong .

minute to win it 2

Cookie face is the first game we played. We remain in contact and there a no hands and no tossing. You can only use facial muscles. When you start you put it on the center of your forehead. And they started it was fantastic they all worked slowly and steady just to get the cookie in your mouth. All of them got 1 each and 1 cookie per player. Our team caught up to us we started cheering but we lost and we said good game.
Now this game is called defying gravity you have to inflated 2 different colors up in the air .while using our body parts you have to get it as high as possible and you are finished. And we started i was the one that was up i stated using a taticat keep it low and don’t let it touch the .floor it was hard but very easy for me. And i won.
Now the last game is noodling around you have to get 5 pieces of penne pasta and a strand of spaghetti. You have your hands behind your back, so it is had you can only use your mouth then you keep low and. We started my partner picked up one but another person had 2 so he went faster and picked up 4 and the other person picked up 5 and my partner. Picked up 5 to so we won.          
I feel delighted because it was very exciting and fun we played games and it was not a normal day. it was a exciting day it was the best day of my life.