Wednesday, 29 March 2017

hopa black widow spider

WALT spider
                                                                   task description we are learning about spiders.

my black widow spider is very scary it is poisoning and it lives for 350 million years. my spider lives outside but sometimes they can be near a Conner there main enemies are wasp,humans,birds and small animals. it doesn't like people touching it if you do you get poisoned . so don't touch it some spiders like a tarantula have hairy legs. black widows we lay  400 eggs they can grow up to 8-10m they grow up to 1.5 inches tall. they can live in the trees sometimes.

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  1. Hey I'm Aryan from Gilberthorpe School!
    I like how you said all the facts about black widows.
    Next time could you say what happens if you get bit?
    Anyways Blog ya later!