Friday, 31 March 2017

hopa spider vs insect

Walt: write narrative using descriptive language.

Once upon a time there was a bug name Josey and a spider named Casper. They were enemies and both
lived beside a creek, the creek was brown and full of disgusting stuff in the water. They had old vines and webs on the leaves and slug trails. One day Casper was hungry and went to search for food. Casper said in a deep voice”Finally, I have found food”. At the same time Josey saw the food too. Casper striked Josey and Josey rolled into a ball to keep himself safe. Casper tried prodding him to get his head out but it didn’t work. But then Josey tried to run away but he was slow and Casper nearly got him. Out of nowhere a Falcon came towards Casper and snached him up. Josey was safe at last and Casper was messed up because he fell out of the Falcon’s mouth from 20 feet high and Josey got to him and ate him up.

task description we are writing about a nartive story were our inesct vs our spider

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

hopa black widow spider

WALT spider
                                                                   task description we are learning about spiders.

my black widow spider is very scary it is poisoning and it lives for 350 million years. my spider lives outside but sometimes they can be near a Conner there main enemies are wasp,humans,birds and small animals. it doesn't like people touching it if you do you get poisoned . so don't touch it some spiders like a tarantula have hairy legs. black widows we lay  400 eggs they can grow up to 8-10m they grow up to 1.5 inches tall. they can live in the trees sometimes.

Thursday, 23 March 2017


                                                         WALT: use interesting vocabulary

task desperation we are learning to do interesting vocabulary in our writing

The mosquito is one of the most annoying bugs in the world. However the female mosquito is the only one who bites humans and leaves us with a red itchy bite. They have very tiny stingers that goes through your skin to suck your blood.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

our own bug

                                                     WALT Our Own Bug
my bug is called josey he is very intelligent don't touch it this well get angry and when  it get's scared it well roll into a ball to keep it self safe it lives in the ground.

:TASK description we are learning to create our own bug we learnt that bugs don''t have 8 legs only 6 and they have 3 body parts the head,thorax,abdomen.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

bar graph / tally chart

task description: we are learning about how to read tally charts and bar graphs it is so much fun when you vote for your chocolates

WALT read tally charts and then create our own 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

more native birds

Walt: write persuasively.

Have you ever seen a pukeko at your backyard? Well if you love to see them tamaki needs more
pukeko i will tell you why it is because pukeko are so beautiful they are the most recognised native birds in new zealand so tamaki needs more pukeko.

The morepork is new zealand’s only surviving owl. It’s known for it’s haunting melancholic call. It’s length is 29cm and there weight is 175g the morepork is small compact dark brown owl it has yellow to yellowish eyes and it is not threatened that is why we did more moreporks.

The kakapo is large and it’s length is 58 - 64 cm and it weight 2 - 4kg males 1-2.5kg female, it is a large flightless forest dwelling parrot they were once found throughout new zealand they are endangered like kiwis so we need more.

Pigeon is very annoying because they always go in your house and whenever we going home our teacher Mr Goodwin all ways see pigeon and we have woodpigeons so we want more native birds in tamaki no native birds.

task description: we learned that we need more birds in tamaki and less non native birds they are very annoying loud and that's all we hear.