Friday, 30 October 2015

Hopa stegosaurus facts

stegosaurus facts

a stegosaurus are 26 to 30 feet long
it lived in the late Jurassic period 145 millions years ago
it’s 6800 pounds
it has 17 pleats on there back
it’s 9 feet tall
stegosaurus means covered lizard
a stegosaurus have to brains
a stegosaurus has spikes to scary of the T-Rex
the legs are 3 meters long
the front toes have 5 toes
and the back toes have
a stegosaurus is a herbivore  

Thursday, 29 October 2015

hopa non stop cricket

On thursday class 11 and 12 went to non stop cricket. Mr Moran and some of class 11 and 12 were setting it up. For class 11 and 12 and when we got out of class it was freeze and some people were warm and some people were warm and first up was class and then it was us i baited it as.

Strong as i can and i was feeling so hot and when the. Sneakiest he is a boy and was the tallest in the whole class but we'd all had fun when i was a fielder and i got the ball and got back to ayman’s team and i only went for there team and when we were.

the batting people and class 11 was the fildier i was we all hit the ball furiously and some people sprinting like up and down and i got 39  points for class 12 and we nearly won but class 11 won we lost we lost maybe from 10 or 11.

and we went back we got 1 turn that’s all i shouted to a person that a ball was in front of you and he got the ball fast as and then we got our turn when we were done nobody else was going to have a turn.


On Wednesday we had athletics. There was a hopper challenge, a throwing game,an obstacle challenge and a basketball challenge.  Class 12 did 3 rotations. We did  the hopper challenge the obstacle challenge and the throwing challenge. My team lost on 2 games. That was all we sucked at games. 

For the hopper challenge I bounced with excitement. We were all excited that we were doing athletics. So we did the obstacle and people were cheating because we were going under the first hurdle  but people jumped over it and so people didn't even do the hula hoop one because we had to skip. That's why we got more energy. Some people just fitted under but other people just lifted it up instead of going under it.

For the throwing challenge the the gumboot was first. Then it was the sock-ball. I threw the sock-ball over the first cone. Deniro  threw it and then it went over both of the cones. It went far. Class 11 was allowed to pick any but we only did the the sock.  The gumboot was as heavy as the sock. But the sock was harder to throw.

The thing that swapped us was the bell that Miss 'Queen' had. 

When the athletics rotation was finished we had 2 lines and we were walking to class with our hands behind our back. We had a drink when we got there. I was excited playing these games because it was not what we normally do in the morning.