Monday, 18 November 2019

Learning about chromosomes

Today doctor Thierry came into our class and we started to learn about Chromosomes and we had to found out what gender the chromosomes are so if its xx its girl and if its x y its boy. Also when your not born everyone even boys are girls but they are soon getting turnt into a boy or you stay as a girl.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Hopa Narritave writting

Once upon a time there were 11 pelicans they are special breeds they were all happy eating an
d sleeping they fought that the owners would never let them go.
Until 1 day there was an accident one of the birds heard a person saying
something he got all the pelicans up and they listened closely they said”we
should sell them you know how much money were going to get out of this.

They all were petrified they couldn’t speak for days. Then something happened well they were
to sleep the humans pick them up and then put them into a cage then the next day they woke up
and saw that they were in a cage'
. Heaps of people were there some said”how magnificent what breeds are they” or they would say
”how much did the people sell it for”. 

The pelicans were upset but they lifted themselves up and they trained for months and
they waited for the
right opportunity to escape so they planned.
They found the right time to escape on a Friday night November the 15th they found it they had to
be quiet so one
of them quietly plucked their feathers and they unlocked
the cage and they escaped FINALLY said one of them.

They went back to the house but then they saw it was 5 times bigger once again
one of them plucked a feather and got in there but of course you can’t just walk in
and think it is safe there were lasers, security, cameras, so many stuff so they did it step by step.

They succeed without getting caught but once they got to the end they couldn’t
see anything so all pelicans pushed everything one of them found something
into a secret hatch they went in and more obstacles.

But this time it was harder there was sharks and their were fish’s in their and
they couldn’t resist to eat fish’s but one of them pulled them in and they said
it wasn’t worth it so they got pass and found the room so they killed them the end.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Hopa 6-sentence story

Once upon a time there was a young man who was a professional player at fortnite he has won millions of dollars. He lived in the faze house with other people like Cloak (the leader) and other famous people. He is a professional fortnite player and he makes stuff that is hard looks easy so when people try to do it they would fail. He is so good that he is getting invites to clans and is making decisions. He felt guilty for joining the other clans because how professional he is and he started to get scared.but he has chosen the right path and is still in the faze clan and has millions of views and subscribers which has made his life happy The end.

:description The whole of our writing class had to write a 6 sentence story. We did it from an order starting is once upon a time, describe were the character lives,Describe the characters special talent, describe the problem, tell why the character felt that way, and tell how the character solved the problem,

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Genomics fun day

Today when had a genomics fun day Glen Brae, and glen Innes school came over we had to we split into groups and i was in group A my group had 8 people and we called our group pe ladzs first we started off with usually genomics and then we started to play games. But to finish it off we had spot prizes for the winners of the games like to get the right answers to the panel you have to have a explanation depends if it is excellent,good,or ok , excellent is 3 points, good is 2, and ok is 1 point there was another one were you have to stand up quick and get the question right to get a spot prize.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Hopa what makes a great sibling?

Have you been a good son? Well to be a good son there are so many stuff but my ideas will make you a better child then you were before. But sometimes it makes you the same. Here are my 3 ideas to be better. Helpful,manners, and to help your kids.

First to be a good son you will have to be helpful around the house so when you get home and your mom and dad aren’t there clean up the house you don’t have to be asked it’s just a simple thing just do work when you are not told to.

Next be respectful and use good manners saying excuse me goes a long way your parents to. When your cleaning and you can't get past just say excuse me so they can move. When your cooking just say excuse me and you can get any tool because using your manners makes you a happier person and when you generous then the next person will and it will be like a chain reaction of kindness.

Also you have to help the kids when there down try lift them up say kind words to them so they can be happy. You also have to help them with their homework because it’s challenging for the young ones because they don’t know that much stuff about reading, writing, or math.

Three ideas for being a good sibling are good son to be helpful around the house, to have manners when cleaning or cooking, and also to help your kids when they are down or needing help for their homework. Do you have any ideas on how to be a better sibling to your brothers and sisters?

Friday, 18 October 2019

hopa what makes a good leader?

Have you ever wanted to know what makes a good leader? You have to have many things such as wisdom, cheerful, and confident but you can be other things but these are my ideas.

First to be a good leader you will have to be wise so make very good decisions. So if u guys get lost you will have a wise leader and then they follow the leader. Maybe he is wise enough that he is going the right path. Like lebron James he passes it to the right person and the person will sometimes get it in.

Next is to be cheerful even if your team is losing clap or if your team is winning You don't know how long they have practiced they probably had no sleep and stayed up all night.

Also you have to be confident because when you make a speech your words will come out wrong and your legs will shake. So you have to stand up tall like your proud of being the leader.

Those are my 3 ideas to be an excellent leader you have to be wise,confident, and cheerful and it doesn't take that much skill to make good decisions or clap for your team or even to be confident so you can stand up and not be scared.

hopa different problems

Description: we worked out different problems and we tried to solve all of our problems out.