Friday, 7 August 2015

firefighter hopa


Being a firefighter is hard to do and they train hard so there body can be fit.  If there is an fire  get the hose as fast they can extinguish the fire so no one gets injured and be safe.

What does their work firefighters involved  
Firefighters work is  varied because they do lots of different things. They attend accidents and they save people like if they are in a car crash  or a house on fire. The firefighters need the hoses. They have got hooks so if they fall down they might not do the job properly or save the people in the house

What does a firefighter wear?
Firefighters have to wear protective gear. Firefighters wear a mask and wear an oxygen tank just to be safe. If gas spreads out you have got a mask on so you can still breathe.  They have  a bunker suit and safe boots and they wear protective pants too.

How do you become a firefighter
To become a firefighter they have to do fitness and do literacy and numeracy tests. They also do  logical thinking tests and they get  interviewed for long. Then they have to train to become a firefighter.

Firefighter characteristics

As a  firefighter you need teamwork to help people that are in trouble .That's why you need to be a team player you have to do everything and never give up and be fire smart, strong and brave just to be a firefighter. If you're confident you are brave because if you are scared you won’t save the world that's why you be brave and educated means that in your mind.  You need to be strong because if you can’t lift up stuff you can’t lift up a roof because their feet will be stuck and fire will come fast to you.