Wednesday, 23 September 2015

cross country

On monday pt england school had cross country.At the starting line i felt good and little bit nervous. And when i heard the snap noise i felt like everyone would beat me but i didn’t come last someone did come last.

After lunch time they whole school went back to their class. Went to there class and went to the court and sat down on to the court. With the whole pt england school and the year 1 to 6 have to do 1 lap and the year 7 and 8 have to do 2 laps.

And my sister Atawhai was in class 17 and my sister  was in class 14 my oldest sister Puawai was in class 4 and my brother toma is in class 3 my but he ain’t a bigger class than my sister but my brother toma he was running and i think came 5th.

And my sister came 6th can my younger sister i don’t know what she came and my natthew josh i think he came 5th or 4th but i came 8th out of my whole class but then at the finish line i was sprinting because justice was catching up to me but i just beat him and kurtas came first he comes first on every game even cross country.

After the race the whole pt england school went to class to get picked up. And at the cross country my heart was pounding hard and i was gasping of breath and at the finish line we sprint because i was nervous because i was going to come last but then i jumped the cone and i nearly hit the cone

when i jumped the cone i came 5th when i jumped it and when the year 4 boys were running and i was steadying jogging until. Justice was nearly going to beat me

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