Wednesday, 21 September 2016

hopa The Kayaking Trip

Once upon a time there was people kayaking on a humongous lake when they knew that was the wrong track. They could do nothing they tried to turn around but the wind was to strong the wind blew
the kayak and they went down a humongous waterfall they were
screaming. And then there was a gang of Crocodiles they smelt blood they went as fast as they could they went down the humongous waterfall and they found humans. The humans kayak was flipped over

They could do nothing they tried to swim for land but the wind was to strong the wind blew them away from the land and they went down the stream the. Crocodiles saw the kayaks and they went rampage they ate it and they spat it out because they thought there was humans .    The humans were going along the stream they saw land and they said yes finally land they went on land and the Crocodiles could do nothing. The humans got away from the Crocodiles

They were starving and they were thirsty to they said shall we look for a taxi so we could go to get snacks and a drink they saw a taxi and they had a big snack and they even had a drink they went back home safely with their friends and they were super happy when they were at home but they had to get a shower because they were soaking wet and they were dirty to the Crocodiles were so disappointed because they just wanted to eat and they were clean they got back to their children and they had a feed they were so happy all the people that went kayaking was so happy and they had a good night sleep with their children and everyday they would not go kayaking anymore and that would keep on going over and over again and that is why u should not go to that lake every again to have a race because it is violent to go there Crocodiles will still be there they lake and waterfall will still be there at that will be dangerous there                                          
Walt: write a narrative use and write paragraphs, detailed sentences, juicy words, full stops, capital letters and correct spelling.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

hopa Natalie Coughlin training routine

Natalie Coughlin Swimming routineFile:Swimming pool with lane ...
Natalie Coughlin training routine
4.30 am      
And she’s at the pool
Pilates warmup
Finsh warmup
Swiming in the pool
Finish training

Swim Training
Gym - Spin class