Thursday, 29 March 2018

Hopa Angles

we are naming some angles and how much angles we could name

Hopa Sentence types

Hopa how to save your money

Have you ever saved money before? Well I haven't because money you can buy stuff with it. I can’t save money because it is hard I really want to buy a pie at tripoli rd because there only $1 dollar.

To save money there are ways but I know 3 ways. You can put  money in the piggy bank so you can walk around with no money in your pocket but it is actually in your house in the room. So when your gone your parents can look after.

The second are coupons when you have them everything is %10 off so you don’t spend enough money and you can buy $1 stuff only for 10 cents and that is very cheap for a chocolate it is the second best way to do it.

The Third way is putting it in a safe place it is rather that way or giving it to your mother. They could keep it very secret and when you save your money they could give it back to you so you can spend all your money.

Those are 3 ways you could save your money from spending all your money on drinks or pies.

Description: we are writing about how to save money in 3 different ways

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Hopa Does the weater change our mode.

Does The Weather Change Our Mode?

Does the weather change your mode? Well it does summer is fun time and winter is just sleeping like how attums when you play in the leaves. At the time summer you get frustrated and the rain is just annoying but i know he best 3 seasons ever.

First is of course summer it is hot and sunny and you can swim have a water squirt it is so much fun it is hot and sometimes you can get sunburnt and you can possibly get skin cancer so you should wear a hat. You shouldn’t wear a hat when your swimming because the hat could get wet and sink and and then you would not find your hat.
But summer is very cool.

2nd is autumn because you can okay in the leaves and see all the leaves fall then after you can see all of the stuff that you couldn’t see before. i like autumn it is the 2nd best weather i have ever had but some bad reasons why you can not go out without a jumper it could get cold so then no playing in leaves.

Lucky last is winter because it is nice and warm and it is comfy i like winter because. You can have 3 or 4 blankets and not get in trouble that is the nicest thing about winter that is the lucky last.

I hope that you liked all the writing that i did and all the weather change moods i hope you liked it from all of the writing.

Description: we are writing about the weather changing our modes and those are 3 seasons that i like.

Hopa Dead car clean up

we are helping the Punaruku School by not putting your cars in the bush. Can you please help them from not trashing all the cars.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Hopa Attitude Talk

On Monday we had a Attitude talk with Tony he talked to use about Who am I? Am I normal? and other. the thing that impacted me was. which animal am I? there was 4 other animals.
1 was Otter (The Entertainer)
2 is Lion (The Director)
3 is Golden Retriever (Peace Maker)
4 is Beaver (The Facilitator)

and i am 2 animals. I am the Golden Retriever and Beaver that is what I am because I am a peace maker and Beaver because I work hard on my maths and reading and writing.

there are 4 things that you should do

1 Try new things
2 Do the right thing
3 Dump dumb thoughts
4 Help others

those are 4 things you should do because it helps for your future so in the future you would be a better man and have all of the good decisions that would help for your future.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

hopa scrambled sentences.

WALT:To respond to and take a stnace on social issues in a text

Description: we are unscrambling all of the sentences and on the last one we have to do it ourselves so we watch a video and then pick words that you think that is important for rubbish.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Hopa Framents & Scentences

WALT: Make Fragments in to Sentences.

we are turning fragments in proper sentences with capital letters and full stops.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Hopa problem solving 6th

WALT:illustrate how we solved each problem.

Hopa Problem solving 5th

Illustrate how we solved each problem

Hopa problem solving 4th

illustrate how we solved each problem.

Hopa Problem solving 3

we are writing and putting pictures on our blog to show how problem working would work if we added pictures

Hopa problem solving2

we are learning to write our problem to be doing it in pictures and writing it down.

Hopa Problem solving1

we are writing and putting pictures on our blog to show how problem working would work if we added pictures