Friday, 29 May 2015


On a cloudy starless night a small little lonely boy was sitting on a log by himself next to the fire to warm up. The young boy, Jimmy,  was toasting marshmallows by the lake.

A monster snuck up to the young boy. Hearing a stomp Jimmy turned around. He saw 2 glowing eyes and sharp teeth with terrifying feet.

Very frightened Jimmy got out the stick with the marshmallow and he tried to defend himself
with it. Suddenly the monster transformed into a happy slimy monster. Jimmy fed him the marshmallow and he felt very happy. When he got out the other marshmallow he was like a dog doing dog tricks. He rolled over he jumped and with his tail he was balancing. 

Then there was only one marshmallow left. The monster he was so sad that when he was close to the marshmallow he snatched it off Jimmy.

The monster showed its teeth and did a big smile when there was the last marshmallow left when the monster ate the last marshmallow left he changed into a mad monster. He ran as fast as he could then he tumbled down. The monster saw a big pillow and he was in pillow heaven. The little boy ran as fast as he could and the monster put the pillow on the stick and put it on the fire and it turned into a fire of ashes.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Dawn Parade

The sky was pitch black with thousands of people coming to the dawn parade. People stood silently with respect. There was a whole circle of people when the bugle played the last post for the soldiers who sacrifice their self for New Zealand

immersion Assembly

Today Pt England School had an immersion assembly. As soon as class 11 and 12 went into the hall, 2 or 3 Pt Englanders were helping 3 teachers make pikelets with marshmallows on top of all of them. Suddenly Mr Burt said to us that it is term 2 and  we are learning about tinkering tools and toys, which is technology.

My favourite of the immersion assembly items was Mr Barks hovercraft. Someone had to hop on it so it could move so Mr Barks got Mrs Somerville. Mr Barks got out the leaf blower and attached it to the hovercraft. It went gliding on the ground across the stage.
The best part of Mr Barks' object was when Mr Somerville went on the hovercraft. He went on the ground and was zooming.

I felt very happy about our topic this term. I can't wait to start inventing.