Friday, 26 July 2019

Hopa immersion asembley

On Monday we went to immersion assembly we learned about something in the water or he mea i roto i te wai. Team 1 was about S.O.F.A They went underwater to check if the fishes were alright.
Team 2 was about 3 teachers going and checking out the animals and telling us interesting facts about the animal they see. Team 3 was about this reliever teacher, She has been looking after the sea for millions of years and she found a person who could help her she eventually found someone and they protected the sea together. Team 4 was about the food chain or the circle of life the muscle eat the plankton and then the crab eats the muscle and then the seagull eats the crab and its called the circle of life. team 5 was about what is in cells and how are all living organisms connected.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

hopa scratch

My animation/ scratch is about the broom trying to find Hogwarts but he also lost harry so then he checked around the world i learnt that the Eiffel tower was originally built as the entrance arch for the world's fair in 1889

Hopa problem solving

Monday, 24 June 2019

Hopa Egbert the princess story map

Title of Text: Egbert and the princess

Author:Katie furzie










The Kind Dragon had to capture a princess and found a princess but she became meaner. The princess sent guards for the Dragon to stay there


For him to survive he has to go out of the window but since he is a dragon he could scare them away like dragons usually do.

Hopa Egbert and the princess

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Box Hopa

I have chosen to make a box for my mom. I think this is the best choice because my mums birthday was 1 week ago and i really want to make a peasant for here for so this is for here late birthday gift. it will be used for here Jewellery stashed up in this very old box her box is very old and is tearing apart so i decided to make this for her. For this project i will have to consider the size of the jewellery to fit in the box if its to big or to small.

Monday, 17 June 2019

hopa Demic Question

Today we had our maths demeic questions its was about Sam,Sylvia and Sonny it was a very fun equation and thought they had diabetes but it was there first week of lollies so there was no diseases or something.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Hopa Story tale Twist

In the story we have 3 humans and 1 bear, The 1 bear was lonely
#and didn’t know what to do but the 3 humans had a
house and they had nice beds, nice ps4,
and nice breakfast. The 3 humans made breakfast.
They made porridge but they went for a walk and they left to get milk.
The bear smelt something a very gamey smelt he followed and then his sent stopped he smelt
FORTNITE he had a very curious face on thinking what to do play the game or eat the bear had
nothing to do so he played the game.

He played for 27 minutes and then stopped he was wondering if he could take a nap because
it takes 3 hours for the boys to finish so he took a nap for 2 hours. 2 hours have passed
and he woke up he started to get hungry and looked for food but he couldn’t find any so then
he stepped his game up and he killed a dear for his food” it was delicious said the bear”.

And then played games but then something happened the boys came back with 5
milks he saw that the door was opened so then he said” I told you to close the door
said the brother” they were confused. He said” I did” they had shivers down their spine
they all thought it was the ghost they went in with the vacuum they started it and thought the
ghost will get sucked in.

The bear on the other hand was terrified he shut down the game and hid. the vacuum found something
under there they were confused they lifted up the blanket and found the bear. He cried and
cried and they said” its ok we were scared of you” he came out and said” t-thank you” he sounded
very scared he came out and they all lived a happy life together.
                                        THE END

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Hopa Against the wind

Description: Aginst the wind is a very old story its about kites and this grandpa he creates kites for this little girl named yeye she has the eye of something maybe you should check it out

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Hopa against the wind

Hopa the river story map



Leo had a very strong moment where he got stuck in the mucky water and couldn’t get out because the current was strong but he found a way out of this problem

He had to swim his legs felt heavy but he was getting closer. A few more strokes and he could grab at the reeds. His hands grasped at the stalks trying to get hold he managed to get on handful then another but he at a point he clunged on which is the solution

Description: this is a story about the boy named Leo he walked near the river to find some selkies which are mythical creatures but he didn't find them but he fell into the water very hard story but fun.

Hopa the river

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Hopa Whats for pudding book review

Hopa guest talk

There was a random talk our random talkers were Jason young,Fiona bakulich, and Tanielu tele'a there were talking about which career we choose Jason young works at the Dysart,Fiona bakulich works as a funeral person and she also is in the casketeers Tanielu tele'a is a rugby player he plays for the blues. Him and his friend is the youngest in the blues team and he got a try for his team sometimes jobs that you don't want can be fun sometimes. Like a funeral director or Jasons young job seating on the desk at dysart very boring but can be fun sometimes you don't know what could happen.

Friday, 29 March 2019

attitude talk

today we had a attitude talk with this girl name Jannah she told us about friendship and how to make  friends also the positive things and the negative things it was a very long talk but we had some stretches.

These are the 5 things's not to friends

1. back stabbing
2. mean humour
3. smothering
4. showing off
5. bullying
these are the 5 things not to do to friends or else you well have no friends and be lonely forever .
These are the 6 things to always do near your friends friendly
2. remember names
3. learn to listen
.4 be positive
5. remember special times
6. be yourself
these are the 6 things to do near your friends or somewhere you should always do these things its a very good thing.                 

Friday, 15 March 2019


Polyfest 2019

At Polyfest 2019 at Wensday March it was my second time going it felt good for being there because i like the food and the smoothies it was so nice there. There were performances and stages and lots of groups and there were other tents with other groups and schools there were stages my favourite tent was the silent disco because we had earphones and listened to music it was a fun day we walked around and saw other tents like there was a virtual reality which we didn't do. Some I like is the performances i would really like to go again but i won't have the time or money to i would want to come back home

Friday, 8 March 2019

Hopa the sheild

Despriction: today we had to post our shield and we had to finish it off because it was our job to finish with all the things that we need to finish our sheild.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Hopa The Migration

Despriction: I am writing about what people did when they left there islands like just pretend you left your island what would you do? will for these people they had to start all over again because they came to New Zealand for something like a better education and all that other stuff just for there children.

hopa Visual Mihi

This is my visual mihi i had to do 4 things that is important to me. 1st one is family and I will all ways love my family, second one is my face i created my face because it's always in our visual mihi, the third is sports because I am attending a softball team and i have played every single sports in the frame it's softball,cricket,golf, and basketball, fourth is food becase I love food and the food that i love most is butter chicken it's so nice, and 5th is maori because sence I was born i have always been Maori. that was all the 5 things that was important to me

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Letter to Ms Tapuke


Dear Ms Tapuke

Dear Ms Tapuke My name is Hopa and i am a year 8 I am 12 years old
I have 2 sisters and 1 brother which comes to this school my oldest brother is 19 and my
youngest is 8 and I am the 5th oldest in my family.
I am from Auckland New Zealand, and have never ever left New Zealand because we never have something special around the world we all love New Zealand.

My favourite subject is maths because I like maths and I like solving
maths problems I sometimes get stuck and i get help from
the teacher but if maths wasn’t created then my favourite other subject would be writing.

I joined the soft ball team because i wanted to be involved in everything i just wanted to try
new things this year and be
better than last year i am also in Maori because i am a true
Maori and i haven’t been in Maori for 2 years ago.

Yours sincerely,

description: i was writing a letter to Ms Tapuke so she can understand me
and for me to be better this year

Hopa Lights Camrea Action

WALT: Find and summarise key information

today we are learning to find key information about our reading character my charterers name is Niki Caro and she made a movie named whale rider and it is very popular she made whale rider and tons of movies.