Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hopa Spineorexosurus

My named dinosaurus is a Spineorexosurus my dinosaurus has a big fin. My dinosaurs is an omnivor. It could swim nearly as fast as  a Velociraptor.

It had sharp teeth with sharp claws and it’s teeth is as big as a banana.Its front legs are 3 and in the back it has 4 legs. My one has a medium  face and it has a watery tail.

My one lived in jurassic period  it could catch the prey by going under water and moving.
But if they see the fin it runs away and it swims out of the water and chases it.

My one was on the land and sea it lays eggs on the land where none would steal it. So it looks after it and keeps it warm my one lived in the forest . Were there a heaps of trees and vines my.
The Spineorexosuruses baby is cute but the dad and mum looks after it’s baby. It goose guards the baby so it doesn't get hurt it would be safe near the nest.

The Spineorexosurus 1.9 meters long it was as tall medium dinosaurus it runs like not that fast but swims as fast as a t-rex.