Thursday, 4 June 2015

the switch

A solitary boy was strolling along, the boy licked his fingers to clean his tie. Suddenly a box hit him in the head, he was mad. Angrily he kicked the box.

All around him, he saw boxes. Then he noticed an unusual box.He tried to push it but it wouldn't budge. The boy climbed up a tower of boxes, big and small boxes.

The boy tried to do a belly flop onto the unusual box, but he missed! When he was laying on the ground, he saw a button underneath the unusual box, it was red. When he pushed the button, it spun rapidly when the box

stopped  it sucked the tie the management pulled him in he got really stuck that he went in the unusual box he. Got his hand out it went back in he stayed in
there unit the unusual box spat him out he spun rapidly and fell on the.

Ground he stood there in a box of ties then the tie dissipated and looked like a box.

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