Thursday, 26 May 2016

hopa buzz man

Buzzman is a man of god he is the god of war he can lift up a titanic boat. He  has more power than aquaman he can beat up the most powerful person in the whole wide world. With his stomach he has a eltrich on his armour . He is a boy that has red eyes he has a sign on his stomach  and his favorite food is mcdonalds they and he lives in gotham city.  He gets his power from getting struck by lightning. He runs around like the flash but faster. He controls a tornado he is the god of lightning he is stronger. His power is so strong and he is here to save us. He is the new member for teacher vengers and he has extreme power of epicness they

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

hopa batman

My superheros name is called batman he is very brave. He is not afraid of anything not even superman he has straight hair with black hair with a mask under his face he has undies with tights under his he has abs with musccly legs with muscles his special power. Is nothing but he can fly with the cape and he throws a boomerang.
He saves people by robery he speaks like a deep voice he has partners like and friends.

His son is robin he is also like batman but is not the same with his suit and stuff batman has dark suit he has a car that just goes to him and he has a grapple gun that shoots the wall yeah that’s all about batman the end

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

superhero speech marks

Write here:
Captain america and Superman were playing cheekers. Captain america ‘“said you will get wasted’” and Superman said “no you will get wasted” they were focused on the game. Now Superman said ‘“boom yeah i got you king out” and the then Captain america said’ “oh yeah boom i got your king out with my queen”. After the insane game he said let’s go get lunch? and

then they got back with the food they stilled played with the game now superman said “i got your castle out’”. And then captain america said ‘ “i got you queen out” then the lucky last horse vs horse and then they had a duel ‘“2 on 2 “said superman now superman said’ “
1 vs 2” captain america said ‘“1 vs 1” now they eat their lunch because they were super hungry

that they eat there burga and they sunday and there chips it was super yummy and they were still playing with there cheers it was a impossible game and then they had the lucky last step superman was sweating. And then captain america said’” yahhhhhhhhhhh i won” and then super man said ‘ “wooh you won now let’s get some kfc”

Monday, 9 May 2016

hopa speech marks

  1 put speech marks before and after the exact words spoken by someone

2 put a comma or a{or a ? ! .} between the speech marks and the words that tell you who is talking.

3 always start finish the first work in the speech marks with a capital letter

walt learn about speech marks