Friday, 4 September 2015

hopa's job in the future

what does a firefighter do? brain storm
save people
extinguish fire
keep fit
challenge fires
team work

If I had a job I would chose a firefighter because I save people and I would feel so special saving people. I would work in a firefighter’s station. Firefighters work hard so when somebody calls they go fast. All the people in trouble have to do is call  111 and the firefighters will be there safely. When the firefighter’s get to a house on fire they extinguish the fire.

The firefighters keep fit because they would have to look out for stuff that falls down and run fast. They train hard to do the mission and the next day there would be training again and they stop if it is lunch time. Which means they have a break and they eat their lunch because they would be hungry so. Hungry the firefighters have a challenging job  

Firefighter’s wear a fire proof suit and Firefighters train in their suits. They have got a helmet so when something falls down they wear it and their head protected.  There is a shield on there helmet that is to cover their face so when something comes to there face they put it down just to cover their eye’s. Firefighters wear something around there neck to cover it. Firefighters also wear an oxygen tank on their back so they don’t breath the smoke in their mouth.

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