Friday, 29 March 2019

attitude talk

today we had a attitude talk with this girl name Jannah she told us about friendship and how to make  friends also the positive things and the negative things it was a very long talk but we had some stretches.

These are the 5 things's not to friends

1. back stabbing
2. mean humour
3. smothering
4. showing off
5. bullying
these are the 5 things not to do to friends or else you well have no friends and be lonely forever .
These are the 6 things to always do near your friends friendly
2. remember names
3. learn to listen
.4 be positive
5. remember special times
6. be yourself
these are the 6 things to do near your friends or somewhere you should always do these things its a very good thing.                 

Friday, 15 March 2019


Polyfest 2019

At Polyfest 2019 at Wensday March it was my second time going it felt good for being there because i like the food and the smoothies it was so nice there. There were performances and stages and lots of groups and there were other tents with other groups and schools there were stages my favourite tent was the silent disco because we had earphones and listened to music it was a fun day we walked around and saw other tents like there was a virtual reality which we didn't do. Some I like is the performances i would really like to go again but i won't have the time or money to i would want to come back home

Friday, 8 March 2019

Hopa the sheild

Despriction: today we had to post our shield and we had to finish it off because it was our job to finish with all the things that we need to finish our sheild.