Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hopa the return of the evil king

Once upon a time there was brave kids name was Ayman and Hopa. We went to the city of Egypt and our king is Kurtas and the queen Ayla then me and ayman are 16 and there was a evil guy named Herobrine he has got a evil layer and skeletons and zombies. And his pet

is a spider. And herobrine used to be our brother but when he saw the cave he turned evil and. King Kurtas was scried and queen Ayla was scried was be and ayman said to the king that we want to defeat the evil king and king Kurtas said yes and so the adventures begin and so we got

swords and a pet dog named gizmo he was 15 years old and he was a magical dog. He had powers and he is a guard the dog came with us and we didn’t forget our bow so we went to the cave where herobrine is and when we got there. We saw a button on the cave.

When we got there we pushed the button and we fell down.

To be continued

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