Monday, 3 April 2017

hopa food web

                                               Walt: make connections across multiple texts.
task description: we are learning to do a food web as a echo system so the lion can eat a cheetah and a bird so we are making a web that connects to each animals that makes a web it can eat anything it goes around a circle but stuck in one place and if you haven't checked my spider vs insect that's were it fits and my own spider last week i did a black widow spider and his name was casper and the bug name was josey and the bird name was wicker and that is were i put my bug and my spider


  1. Hi Hopa, Tobey here from gilberthorpe school down in Christchurch.
    This looks really cool and would have been fun to do. I like how you told us about the food wed and what some animals eat.
    Maybe next time you could say what all the animals eat.

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  3. Kia ora Hopa.
    I'm Zoey and I got to Gilberthorpe School.
    I am 9 years old and I am a year five.
    I like how you said what your animals names are.
    When I read you post it reminded me of my insects that past away a few days ago.
    Maybe next time you could re-read it and us capital letters.
    Have you every had one of your pets pass away?