Friday, 19 June 2015

The lighthouse

On an dull starless night there was a old stone lighthouse on a treacherous headland it was
rotating on the.Water and the sky and under the lighthouse is a village on the lighthouse is a beacon  the people were celebrating in a They cheered they had a big party
and in the lighthouse is the lighthouse keeper he was a solitary man so the lighthouse keeper  had a candle.Next to him he slammed the window hard then he heard an unusual clacking and the beacon.Stopped everybody stopped celebrating they were worried and the window.Opened aging it was so dark
so the old man stopped working and went off the chair.And dropped down cause the tools he went back up and got a candle and the old man got his tools.And went up on the stairs and tried
to fix the big light and it didn't work so he put his hand in the big lighthouse.And it didn't heat up
the boat was coming the old man gasped the old man was sacred.So he tried to lift up the baecon and it fell down the boat wisted loud and he was upset so the. old man went down His stairs and opened up the door and gasped aging he saw people with flood of light so.They went up the stairs and the old man was very happy that the people.Were happy and the boat went back to the village.  

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