Thursday, 13 September 2018

Hopa not just kicking and punching

Hopa benefits of fitness

Why would regular exercise be important?

Exercise is important because your body needs it for your shape and if you don’t exercise then you will not become fit and your life needs it. It could make you lazy and you might not want to even move from your bed.

But if you do exercise then it will manage your weight better and it would make your life better then it would use to be. Being fit is important for everyone. But the thing about fitness is that you would be very hot and sweating but it is worth it. Because your in shape and all the hard work you put in is the work that you have to do. And if you train you might be in a sports team.

That is the benefits of fitness and if your not exercising enough that could make you lazy. But if you exercise then anything could happen like joining a sports team or something like that.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Hopa Amazing world

the tallest tower is Burj Khalifa is the biggest tower in the world and you get a sight of the whole of Dubbai . Angel is the biggest waterfall know to man it is in Venezuela and why you should visit it's because the water is cold and the waterfall is massive so you could swim in it. Egypt is a massive desert and is known for it's ancient mountains such as pyramids and the Sphinx.