Wednesday, 12 April 2017

hopa echsystem

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WE need to
Have a echo system
So everything is balanced           


 if you don’t know what                                A ecosystem is                              
Then a ecosystem is
When a frog eats the flies the fish eats the tadpoles
The tadpoles eat the water weeds and all that
It is a cycle if you don’t want the frog to eat the fly then you will
Get rid of him so there will be no tadpoles for the fish to eat  

Friday, 7 April 2017

hopa eating insects

Have you eaten a cricket before? Well on a very normal day on thursday. Mrs stickland our reliever came in with a very interesting bug. She came in and said here’s our delivery and mrs stickland opened it and it showed up with crickets dead ones they were very disgusting.
My first time eating it was crunchy but very disgusting. It was very flakey and it tasted like burnt toast. so I had to eat one again and it tasted the same and we had a napkin each if we spit it out.
I would never do that ever again the crickets tasted yuck everything did and I would never do that ever again and there was chocolate mud that tasted like chocolate

task description: we are eating bugs on Thursday and the were crickets and i eat 21 it was very flaky and it tasted like burnt toast

Monday, 3 April 2017

hopa food web

                                               Walt: make connections across multiple texts.
task description: we are learning to do a food web as a echo system so the lion can eat a cheetah and a bird so we are making a web that connects to each animals that makes a web it can eat anything it goes around a circle but stuck in one place and if you haven't checked my spider vs insect that's were it fits and my own spider last week i did a black widow spider and his name was casper and the bug name was josey and the bird name was wicker and that is were i put my bug and my spider