Monday, 20 May 2019

Hopa Story tale Twist

In the story we have 3 humans and 1 bear, The 1 bear was lonely
#and didn’t know what to do but the 3 humans had a
house and they had nice beds, nice ps4,
and nice breakfast. The 3 humans made breakfast.
They made porridge but they went for a walk and they left to get milk.
The bear smelt something a very gamey smelt he followed and then his sent stopped he smelt
FORTNITE he had a very curious face on thinking what to do play the game or eat the bear had
nothing to do so he played the game.

He played for 27 minutes and then stopped he was wondering if he could take a nap because
it takes 3 hours for the boys to finish so he took a nap for 2 hours. 2 hours have passed
and he woke up he started to get hungry and looked for food but he couldn’t find any so then
he stepped his game up and he killed a dear for his food” it was delicious said the bear”.

And then played games but then something happened the boys came back with 5
milks he saw that the door was opened so then he said” I told you to close the door
said the brother” they were confused. He said” I did” they had shivers down their spine
they all thought it was the ghost they went in with the vacuum they started it and thought the
ghost will get sucked in.

The bear on the other hand was terrified he shut down the game and hid. the vacuum found something
under there they were confused they lifted up the blanket and found the bear. He cried and
cried and they said” its ok we were scared of you” he came out and said” t-thank you” he sounded
very scared he came out and they all lived a happy life together.
                                        THE END

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