Friday, 26 July 2019

Hopa immersion asembley

On Monday we went to immersion assembly we learned about something in the water or he mea i roto i te wai. Team 1 was about S.O.F.A They went underwater to check if the fishes were alright.
Team 2 was about 3 teachers going and checking out the animals and telling us interesting facts about the animal they see. Team 3 was about this reliever teacher, She has been looking after the sea for millions of years and she found a person who could help her she eventually found someone and they protected the sea together. Team 4 was about the food chain or the circle of life the muscle eat the plankton and then the crab eats the muscle and then the seagull eats the crab and its called the circle of life. team 5 was about what is in cells and how are all living organisms connected.

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