Friday, 1 December 2017

Hopa 100 years

In 100 years time there will be a juice that will give you superpowers. And when you are born you get the juice. But when bad people rob then there juice goes away. And people would be faster and can get to school faster. So then you wouldn’t have to go in a car all the way to school that would take longer. But there is a bad universe trying to kidnapped all the superheros. They try as hard as possible luckily no one got kidnapped but everyone just flies away.

But when he is finished he goes back to the bad universe and says to his boss i’m sorry. And leaves to try and get another superhero but they miss. So those people who are superheros kick them all the way to the bad universe. And no one has been caught yet. But then they are smart so they past they grades so easily.

But when the bad people don’t get someone they are in the corner for 3 days for not catching anyone. So the people in the good universe celebreats and the older people protect the young people. And they protect when they are alone because the people in the bad universe will come and kidnapped them.

But then there are badder universe which try to steal the juice which gives you superpowers so they can rule the world. But that never happens because there are super strong guards that protect the juice. But when they see the bader universe they start away get them and take them back.

So then those are the bad people who try and rule the world. But they are to weak to try and get them. So then there is 2 bad universe and there is 1 more good universe. This one is where they are helpful and help so many people in there universe. So that is why they are apart for. Because the gooder universe would let them keep it. And that is why they are apart. So that is what would happen in 100 years

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