Thursday, 30 November 2017

Hopa recount camp

At kawau island there is water and a wharf is was so cool. We got there at 10:20 that is where we sat down waiting for Peter and Erin. we went off on the wharf and got all of our stuff and put it in our cabin after when we went for a hike.

Once we got ready we all did a hike it was so high it takes for ages it felt like 2 hours. It was so hard i was tired i couldn’t get my drink of water because i had a rock and i had to do a speech. But once we got up there we had to wait for all of us to get up here. And when we did i had to do the speech. And once i finished we went to the beach but we didn’t go for a swim. It was so awesome we skid rocks and stuff. Once we finished we went all the way back and went for a swim it was so cool. And they bombed off the but i didn’t it was so nice.

We did only 4 activities 1st was concourse/confident course. The confident course is how brave you are and test how confident you can be. That was the 1st. The 2nd was operation that was so much fun but we finished it and we got all the words. The 3rd was burma it is where you are blindfolded and you have to finish the whole track all the way back to where you started. And the lucky last was abseil. It was so much fun but the height was scary. But i wasn’t scared  but people were crying only some. And that was all the activities. Then we had a swim.

Eventually the next day. The first thing we did was run first so we woke up early and got ready we did stretches. Once Mr Jacobsen is finished we ran for our life up where it smells. And i caught up to some people and then once it was the end I came 3rd In the first run. We only had 3 activities. 1st was,kayaking 2nd, was raft building,3nd was Bivouac. That was so much fun i built my one strong because people were throwing stuff at it.

Thank you Sam,Martian,Lee and his wife,teacher's who came to year6 camp, thank you Miss Timmy for doing all the job’s for us. And thank you Luke and Tia for coming with us to camp but most of all thank you Erinn and Peter.

I enjoyed doing abseiling it was the coolest out of all of them. I just ebohyed how you go all the way down. And when you drop down you feel relieved because you are finished.

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