Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Oreo chocolate with a minty twisty

Oreo chocolate with a minty twisty!

if my mum let me buy the Oreo chocolate with a minty twisty i will have it for dinner breakfast and lunch but my mum hates it
this chocolate is from cabuary and it is only $3.99. it is a very good price and it ain’t ripping you off. It has Oreo and white chocolate with chocolate. It is very good to buy. the Oreo contains Oreo and milk chocolate up top and chocolate as the flat parts.

It smelt like chocolate and white chocolate and it felt like chocolate. And it was very smooth i felt like i was in heaven when i ate it. And it exploded my mind it was very yummy tasted like white chocolate. And chocolate together. Tasted amazingly amazing i can’t stop thinking about it.

If they put carmel in it this would taste better it would be more likely it eat. If you didn’t eat it you won't know what to do and try to get $3.99 to get it you must be hungry.

I like it when we ate the chocolate it was very yummy chocolate was melty. It was very yummy and crunchy.

task description yesterday we started eating chocolate i had mint oreo it was yummy and then we finish our picture.

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