Wednesday, 24 May 2017

hopa castaway

Once i was on a plane flying to australia until a crash happened. It struck lightning 3 times on the wing. And fell there was only one way to survive it was to jump out of the airplane and grab a safety boat. He was floating to this very strange island it was beautiful but then he knew that he was alone because it was very quiet. There were,palm trees,crabs,spiders and bugs he tried to go back but it had a hole. So i cried mumy help me he cried and then fell down and got the boat and slept on it and got peaceful.i wish i wasn’t on that plane. I went into the forest and got some fronds and twgs. And i built a washing line for me just to hang up my old clothes and i made cloths that was made out of leaves. So i made a house looking tent that is the right size for me. First i tried to find sand and then i made a house looking tent. It was very hard to make it but i made it. It was so much fun building it but my hands were very tired so i tried to find wood and rock to build a fire. I am on a island the only food is fish. I was so hungry .so i caught fish we catch it with a spear which is made out of flax,stone and wood. after i catch the fish i cooked it. Actually that was very yummy i went looking for more food. And i found it more fish i ran to my shelter i got my spear. And i stabbed the fish i went and cooked it again. And again it was very yummy. After i went wondering around and then i saw counts so i thinked i might dehydrate. So then i decided i should make a signal i should say HELP so the helicopter or the airplane comes and helps me. It was useless no helicopters or airplane came over to save me i was so sad when none came i sat there and cried forever and ever. Lying down just seeing the sky and saying to myself why did i make that decision. now i am cold and i fought i was going to freeze to death. Until a boat came i shouted!! Hey over here!! Come!! then the boat honked his horn it was the first time i heard a very loud noise. I swung my arms with happiness i was so excited when i got to my home country new zealand. I saw posters of me it said. A missing boy please call 00851009. Please find him then i saw my mum i was so sad. I shouted mum and my mum said son she was so happy she started crying with joy saying son. i missed you i hope you don’t ever do that again ok said my mum and i said ok.

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