Wednesday, 22 February 2017

the race


Have you ever had a run on a filed before? Will we did but first our teacher said we were going to do a
lame run around the field it was so boring why were we doing a run? So our brain can think and type.

Next we had to line up outside with our shoes some people were wearing bare feet and some were wearing socks i was wearing my shoes i didn't know what we were going to do and we went off.

We were going to the goal post on the field what were we going to do we stood there in a line and Mr Goodwin said we will be running and i was so excited that is because i like running but Mr Goodwin said not now because not everyone is here.

but now you guys can run Mr Goodwin said after i say go you guys run i was so nervous. then Mr Goodwin said go and i stood there i didn’t hear it then i saw everyone running i ran as fast as i could i was nearly there from the goal post and i did it i ran back i was so exhausted everybody
Was running i was running more when i got to the other goal post i sat down on the wet grass it was so wet that my pants got wet it was so much fun.

The run was so much fun i was exhausted i felt like sleeping in my bed finally it was finished we had a drink of water and we went that was my favourite part i was thirsty and exhausted and we came back to our class and did our own work.

task description we were running for our experiment it was so much fun running we were walking it took us for long to finish 

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