Tuesday, 14 February 2017

news paper tower

Walt: write a recount about our experience

Have you built a tower out of paper before well we did. We built a very high 6 feet tower big it was it was huge.

I was so excited what we were going to do. Until I heard my teacher I was about to get scared in my mind I was saying what are we going to do today and it was? Building a tower out of paper we were going to get 4 to 6 or 7 panthers and my one was Deavay, Justice, Awathan, Lepa, and me so there were 5 of us and when we started planning.

Our teacher Mr Goodwin started saying we are going to use these materials scissor a long piece of tape and a planning paper our group was so confident but our teacher do not start or else? You go to detention
I was so confused at first but I got use to it that was so fun when we started building but not yet we started we needed to do the introduction then we start building.

We started building we had tape to stick it on the ground and we made a big tower out of tubes and the other people started copying and the other group of boys said there copy catters they copied us but we didn’t we started building higher and higher but not that high because it will be unstable the more higher the more it was going to fall so we made it a little small and then we tape it to all of the newspapers and we added one on the side and then there .

Our team came first and i learned that make sure it is not fin and big and the girls came 2nd and the other girls came 3rd the other boys group came 4th and the girls group came 5th i had so much fun. I learned that you don’t come first but it is how much fun you have.

task description: we were doing a experiment how tall can your newspaper tower can go and our one was huge.

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