Monday, 27 August 2018

Hopa using our senses

On the beach on a sunny day there were 5 boys. All of them had a towel so they could go swimming. once they put there toes in it was cold, the ruff ocean was crashing onto them and the ruff wind they popped some manus. but once they got out all they could smell is b.o.,sunscreen, and toe jams so then they walked to a nice spot and put down there towel and waited to get dried. so while they were getting dried the 2 other boys went to build sand castles so then after they were all dried up they had a shower,got dressed, and once they finish they all eat and went to sleep…

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  1. Hey Hopa, I am Maanas and I really like how you shared this story but I was unable to see the moral of the story. But it was still good