Monday, 26 March 2018

Hopa Attitude Talk

On Monday we had a Attitude talk with Tony he talked to use about Who am I? Am I normal? and other. the thing that impacted me was. which animal am I? there was 4 other animals.
1 was Otter (The Entertainer)
2 is Lion (The Director)
3 is Golden Retriever (Peace Maker)
4 is Beaver (The Facilitator)

and i am 2 animals. I am the Golden Retriever and Beaver that is what I am because I am a peace maker and Beaver because I work hard on my maths and reading and writing.

there are 4 things that you should do

1 Try new things
2 Do the right thing
3 Dump dumb thoughts
4 Help others

those are 4 things you should do because it helps for your future so in the future you would be a better man and have all of the good decisions that would help for your future.

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