Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Walt include a variety of sentence types in our writing

At Stardome we went to the playground just for 10 minutes because we were early. Once 10 minutes was done we went inside Stardome which we saw the gallery for 10 minutes it was so much fun seeing all the stuff. We saw the moon Jupiter and Saturn it as just at night time at 7:00pm.

The first thing we did was go inside and go in the theater which was awesome. when we got in there she said this is where we shot all the planets she answered question and we had to answer them it was some hard question. One was here is the moon from earth people didn’t know how far because we couldn’t see the moon. It was so far away because it is 384,000km away from earth that is a very long way.

Once we finished we got to do a quiz there were only 7 answers and we got 1 wrong. We had to go around the whole stardome it was pretty long because people are just in a line waiting for the answer.

Once we finished we give to a tutor and she we see the answers. And we only got 1 wrong i was very impressed i was only playing around.

Once we finished all of that we had to go inside the dome. It was so cool just looking around and saw the whole of the dome once i got in there i had a very weird feeling once i got in there.Our tutor just laid us down and said just stay in your see if you want to go out you have to tell your teacher. I was scared once because we had to stay in there for 45 minutes i was very bad at this i got scared and i wanted to go tell my teacher if i could go out but i didn’t want to but it was very scary.

I learned that once i saw the cross that means i am going west and to see jupiter and saturn as cool. It was so awesome at star dome i had so much fun but the most that i liked about star dome was when we went in star dome. That was super cool.

task description: we are learning about star dome and all of the other stuff because our theme is about space

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