Wednesday, 13 September 2017

hopa the weekends

Walt: write about the weekends

On the weekends we went to a tangi it was  Uncle’s tangi. We sang songs and after we finished i was playing tag with my friends and family it was very cool. My mother and father thinks it is so cool. but my family get sloppy sometimes

Because we have to do heaps and heaps of work even the little kids. And after all of that we have a break and go home when we got home my mum said we have to goto sleep for church so then we went to sleep just to go to church.

We woke up and went to church it was boring sometimes it is boring and sometimes it isn’t. We had egg sandwich,cakes,oranges,normal eggs,and some chips it was so yummy. That is why i like it when church is finished. So we got ready to go back home and go to sleep.

task description: i am writing about what happened on my weekends i had a very fun weekend at our funeral even if it was boring i had fun.

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