Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Hopa the return of the evil king prt 2

Me Ayman and Gizmo fell down screaming ahhhhhhh. We fell down and ayman hurt his leg i lifted him to herobrine i said. Will you be ok and Ayman said sure. We went then we saw his guards. I was like get them Gizmo he left then he fighted them he knocked them all out. All of them fell down then i said well done Gizmo you did well. Here have a cookie he ate it and we went while we were walking we saw 2 people. There names were Kruz and Tevarihi then we were like we should free them. And Ayman said ok we set them free and they said thank you then we said come with us then we will fight to victory!!! yeah here have spear stuff. We gave them because we always bring spears with us we walked we looked so geared up. We went to the door and said you betrayer!!! You will pay for this!!!!!!. Go get him!!! For what he has done we may not lose. The spider came i killed it then he summoned in more of zombies and skeletons. We killed them all then he left……

To be continued

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