Wednesday, 1 March 2017

more native birds

Walt: write persuasively.

Have you ever seen a pukeko at your backyard? Well if you love to see them tamaki needs more
pukeko i will tell you why it is because pukeko are so beautiful they are the most recognised native birds in new zealand so tamaki needs more pukeko.

The morepork is new zealand’s only surviving owl. It’s known for it’s haunting melancholic call. It’s length is 29cm and there weight is 175g the morepork is small compact dark brown owl it has yellow to yellowish eyes and it is not threatened that is why we did more moreporks.

The kakapo is large and it’s length is 58 - 64 cm and it weight 2 - 4kg males 1-2.5kg female, it is a large flightless forest dwelling parrot they were once found throughout new zealand they are endangered like kiwis so we need more.

Pigeon is very annoying because they always go in your house and whenever we going home our teacher Mr Goodwin all ways see pigeon and we have woodpigeons so we want more native birds in tamaki no native birds.

task description: we learned that we need more birds in tamaki and less non native birds they are very annoying loud and that's all we hear.

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