Wednesday, 7 December 2016

animal racing

Once in pt england school we had this weird event named 2016 pt england school animal event . We are bringing any animal and  Awathan bringed a horse and Lorenzos one is a dragon. And my one was a phoenix lorenzo and awathan “said i will beat you” and I “said no you are not i can fly over you”. And Lorenzo “said ohh yeah let’s go”

when we arrived in pt england school we were so excited. I “said let’s go Awathan” and the person said on your marks get set GO!. and it was like the flash but faster and my phoenix flew over  I “said I am going to beat you” and I went super fast. and I could not see them and then Awathan caught up to me and then I saw Lorenzo on his huge flying dragon. and I tried to go faster but it would not work and then they caught up I was so surprised and I went faster and then it worked.  I was gone all the way I went so fast i fell off! And they could see me and i said

phoenix come back!!. Awathan and lorenzo passed me And I said noooo!!!!!!! And then the phoenix flew and saw me and he went and picked me up. And I said faster!! And he went faster than the flash and the phoenix got there and Awathan “said. you win and I said I am faster than you. And then i  got the prize i won the world cup and he got lollies and treats and i was crying. And Awathan came second and Lorenzo came third that is the story of the phoenix that beats all of them. And the people who entered the game.

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