Friday, 25 November 2016

crazy motat Adventures

On a very cold tuesday all of the year 5’s & 4’s went to motat to learn about technology because that was our topic. When we went we had a awesome bus come and pick us up when we went all of the awesome buses saw the zoo not that far from motat. when we got there we all had our explore named Abby she was the person that taught us about myths. And non myths that is why Abby called it mythbusters when we had to bust those myths down but first she told us. everywhere and don’t get lost First she did not take our group but we were aloud to go second when we went it was so much fun. My one was a cup of water tipping and the water stays in the cup and it was true. Because you don’t fill it all the way up only fill it half way because all of the air and gravity let's go and it does not do it. And then we left Jezika said can we look at these statue and then everybody left to go to the meeting. and Jezika was still looking at the statues then our team said where is Jezika and Jezika got locked up forever at the museum. And Hopa said I know were Jezika and he “said he is still looking and the statutes” and then mrs lavakula said to the awesome bus driver please go back!! And the awesome bus driver said ok. And they went back and then they unlocked the door and jezika said thank you very much and they left. THE END.

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