Monday, 4 April 2016

hopa wild night

WRITE: By hopa aperhama

Last  Wednesday we went to our tent running and the wet grass was wet our foot were dirty and the tent was wet and i went under my tent and water went on my head like it was raining and I went to my to to go to sleep with lorenzo and frederick and then. In the middle of the night we heard strong winds going on to my tent.And then the strong wind went pass strong as the wind goes the thunder was clapping together the branch snapped off  . And it was middle of the night and then my tent broke we all woke up suddenly a voice outside said. Get your stuff and go into. The library and i said ok and then we ran to the library and then….

We fell asleep i woke up everyone was talking and then i saw the thunder in the library as the shadow it was a strong thunder. I was scared that a tree was going to fall down so at 6.00 we woke the end.

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