Thursday, 2 June 2016

hopa nartive writing will he save her

In a great big city there was a phone call for spider man he got called by hulk. He said “spider man, come to the great big city” and spider man said “ok”. Then they went to the great big city and up on the tallest tower they saw a girl getting bullied by the joker. He went up the biggest tower in the world and then he spider webbed up the biggest tower. And the girls name is lady one was crying and saying plz help me. And then the villain nearly kicked off the and spider man did the superman punched and then. The joker shot the gun and it missed it and then the joker went and distracted him and… Suddenly the girl was on the edge and then got pushed off by the joker. And then spider man was going down like a meteor was coming down from the sky. Then spider man was going to get his revenge spider man swooped down and grabbed her. And then spider man swooped up on his web and crushed him on to the floor and that is how spider man saved lady one.

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  1. Hi Hopa
    Great piece of writing, I really like the way you made a clear picture for everyone to read your writing. But keep up the great work Hopa.